Listen, Brief and Deliver

SHARCH DESIGN delivers insight, value and satisfaction which is paramount to the client service.


Design Consultation

Starting your commercial or house design project can be daunting. Where do you start? Do you talk to a builder, carpenter or painter?


SHARCH DESIGN can help lead the way and provide unbiased advice and a plan forward. Be it initial consultation, reviewing budgets or assisting you with a project you already have underway. Don't be disappointed, come and talk to SHARCH DESIGN.


Brief Development

Delving to the core needs of your project in the first instance identifies the opportunities and constraints before changes become costly.


SHARCH DESIGN can provide you with a concise written brief for your retail, commercial or new home design and programmed timeline to make certain that your project lives up to and excels your expectations, timelines and budget.

Master Planning

Identifying planned and future uses is an immense benefit to all scales of projects. From an extension to a home to a commercial green field site.


Identifying the best way to use your land now and into the future ensures you get the best value and use out of your land, increasing value and satisfaction. SHARCH DESIGN has worked with many clients providing piece of mind by evaluating the best yield, use and locale for projects.

Concept Design

Upon a briefing session, a concept design is created to test the value and outcomes of the client's desires.


We may look at spatial planning, colours, materials and constructability at a high level. A strong concept is the basis for a great project and tests your budget and expectations. By working with SHARCH DESIGN, you'll be assured of a well thought out and collaborative approach to you project.

Council & Building Approvals

In many cases, building work requires the consent of the local council and other authorities to execute the work.


SHARCH DESIGN can work with you, the authorities and required consultants to keep your project on track and properly scoped for council assessment and building approval. All councils have different requirements depending on your proposal. SHARCH can identify these upfront for clients eliminating costly surprises and delays

Construction Documentation

Executing your project on time, to budget and to a high standard of finish is critical to our client's satisfaction.


SHARCH DESIGN can produce documentation for building approval, tendering and construction to make certain that the vision is carried out. SHARCH can also administer the building contract ensuring again that an unbiased outcome for both builder and client alike.